Android comes flashed without root too that means Android's rom is customisable. Android os is used widely in many android developers can use it for developing apps easily. Android is always updated and u don't need buy just another phone with an updated version such as in iphones
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I meant that if you have an ios 7 and u want ios 8 u'll need to buy an iphone with ios 8 while in android jelly bean 3.3 gets upgraded to kitkat 4.2
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Oh yes


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1.Endless Sharing Options
2.Third-party Software Keyboards
3.More Customization, As Usual
4.Visible File System
5.Better Notifications Bar
6.Images with Contact List
7.Multiple User accounts to be set on the same Android tablet
8.Google Now Trumps Siri
9.Multimedia Ease
10.More Free Applications
11.Unlock Options
12.Phone Unlock Options

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Android is more suitable as it gives the user freedom to costomize you actually have a permission to root where as in apple if you jail break then black commando are all around your house (just kidding(\)
in other os there are limitation to user ...