This proverb advises to cut and stitch the coat according to the cloth available in hand also warns that the size of the coat should not exceed the piece of the cloth in hand. Or else the coat will be unfit to wear or the cloth will become wasted, being not able to make a wearable cast. It is necessary for everyone to make a proper plan before one begins to put any task intopractice. A person who spends more than his income will soon fall into trouble. He has to face the financial problems and hardships and thereby mental agony. So this proverb instructs to live within our means and resources. Those who do not know to make both ends meet would suffer much and their lives would become miserable. Thus harmony and proportion are very much essentials for income and expenditure. 

Some people are showy in life in order to make others to think that they are sophisticated and rich. Seeing others being rich and great one should not imagine oneself like them. One must build a castle on the ground… not in the air… with a strong foundation…that too within his means and ability so as it should stand last long. When building is constructed the base must be very strong to bear the weight of the whole building. If one does something without knowing his limitation he will soon repent his action. If a person spends more than one’s income, he will have fall in some or the other peril. So this proverb we should spend money according to our income and resources.