A. Why angiosperms are called as flowering plants?

B.The plant in thallophyta group are commonly called as algae ,why?

C. What is spores ?

The plant in thallophyta are called algae because they posses undifferentiated plant body
Spores are the asexual reproductive units
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In which class u r?
What is spores ?,(on the basis of diversity in living organisms)



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The name comes from ancient Greek, it means "seed recepticle" or "seed vessel" because of the way their seeds develop in the a layer of surround tissue. It's a way to explain function during classification. 

Gymnosperms mean "naked seeds", like how the word Gymnasium really means "place to be naked" XD

The thallophytes (Thallophyta or Thallobionta) are a polyphyletic group of non-mobile organisms traditionally described as "thalloid plants", "relatively simple plants" or "lower plants". They were a defunct division of Kingdom Plantae that included funguslichensand algae and occasionally bryophytesbacteria and the Myxomycota. They have a hidden reproductive system and hence they are also called Cryptogamae (together with ferns), as opposed to Phanerogamae. The thallophytes are defined as having undifferentiated bodies (thalli), as opposed to cormophytes (Cormophyta) with roots and stems.
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1.usually angiosperms have flowers and bear fruits hence they are called flowering plants
2.plants that belong to thallophyta are not much complex...their vascular bundle is not developed and algae are commonly seen in this group. so thallophyta are generally referred as algae
3. if you are talking about about fungal spores we can define them as asexual reproductive units.
 if you are referring spores to the seeds in gymnosperms, they are  fertilized ovules but are naked
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