Ten Tips for Presentation Confidence andReducing Nervousness  “There are two types of speakers. Those who get nervous and those who are liars.”  -Mark Twain  Did you know that according to the Wall Street Journal, public speaking is the number one fear in America? The fear of death is ranked number two! That’s right - we seem more afraid of public speaking than we are of physical demise, heights, jumping out of a plane, or dreaded in-laws.  If you think about it, fear of public speaking is also a fear of death - an emotional death. We feel naked and exposed in front of an audience. We think people are going to scrutinize everything we say and do. We pressure ourselves to be perfect, or else our self-worth suffers. We dread confronting the possibility of rejection.  Now for the good news, most of us can reduce our anxiety of public speaking and increase our confidence by avoiding a few poor habits, while incorporating some helpful tips. The following is a list of six poor speaking habits to avoid, followed by ten tips for presentation confidence and reducing nervousness. 
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