Private Quelch was a unique personality. He had joined the training depot with an ambition to get a commission in the army. In pursuit of his aim, he worked hard, drilled with enthusiasm and gained as much knowledge as possible by reading the borrowed training manuals intelligently. At first he became a hero in the eyes of his fellow soldiers. He badgered the instructors with questions. He interrupted them by asking questions or reminding them what they missed. His correct answers and exact knowledge impressed fellow soldiers but annoyed the instructors. Gradually, his habit of sermonizing showing off superiority, condescending attitude and horrible heartiness annoyed his colleagues as well. He was assigned permanent cook house duties as a punishment. But he did not learn any lesson even from it and continued sermonizing and fault finding. 
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P.Q. is a person with vast knowledge,but he parades his knowledge in time and out of time.he acheived his knowledge by dint of intelligent reading.he was pursuit of his ambition he worked hard.he borrowed training manuals and stayed up  late at nights reading them.he was unimaginative and failed to understand others feelings.he badgered the instructors with questions.he corrected their lectures when they made mistakes.he added to their teachings.his incorrigible character lead him away from the minds of his colleagues.actually they feared him.his officers disliked a result he could not get even a stripe in the army.he was denoted to permanent cookhouse training camp,he was a laughing stock to his colleagues and a terror to the instructors.his ill-mannered display of knowledge,instead of love and sympathy,had made all the differences in his life.
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