When a microbe infects specific organ of an organ in
a particular type of disease OR we can say that microbe affects the same organ and organ of the same system as point of entry.
Like in case of TB the point of entry :Nose 
and the organ infected is : Lungs.

There is another type of Tissue specific manifestation in which the point of entry anf organ to be affected are entirely diffrent and unrelated means not part of single system .
Like Japanese Encephalitis in this microbe enters through blood vessels and brain is affected .

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perfectly correct
nice answ
I asked the same question a few days ago and the answer I got was different
The answer by mrs mehta was perfectly correct but i would like you to understand like wat are organs 
group of cells example RBC(red blood cells) etc forms tissues 
tissues example are our human skin of tissues forms an organ 
organs are your heart etc.
group of organs form our organ system for example (our kidney urinal bladder are organs which forms the liver system) where the liver system are our organ system

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How do u know if she is ms or mrs?