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computer is very important gadget in our life that  was  using in various fields :-
advertising - use as publications and make publicity by various types of softwares .
business - use as record of employees , workers , staffs , presentations ,etc.
medical uses  - use as keeping records of patients and medicines .
security - it is use as security by special type of cameras , codes , defence management .
education - for learning ,mathematical calculation ,and other digital project works .
entertainment - it is use as drawing pictures , watching movies and playing various types of games , etc.
communications - for e-mail , chats , voice and video call services , etc.

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computer is a important one in our lfe
basic importance of computer are :-
> it is very important in education system by gaining special types of knowledge and browsing encyclopedias . for calculations and subject help .
> it is use in  designing invitation cards ,magazines , newspapers , assignments and advertisements .
> it is use in airports , banks , railways by providing seat availability  , booking tickets , status , . in banks it is use as storing informations and cash providing records , etc.
> it is used as scientific research like finding heavenly bodies , structures , for finding underground matters , etc.
> it is use as communicating services like video calling , e-mailing , transfering data , etc.
> it is very important for making errorless works and time saving , fetching instructions .
> saving , editing and processing data , document and files ,

we get the information very fast easily and is used in offices,banks and schools and eveywhere we can get the information easily