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the fiction best seller is written by o henry he was travelling in a chair car and then he saw a black , bald-headed man is sitting at sit no.9 . he realized that he knew suddenly his book is fall to the floor and he look back for pick up the book " the rose lady and trevelyan " author identified him that he was John A. Pescud , he was travelling sales man for plate glass company , an old acquaintance whom author had not seen for two years then he went up to meet him and start talking about health , destination , residence, about that novel rose lady and trevelyan did you think it is happen in real life pescud replied no i doesn't think that he gonna happen in real lif  , and he married or not then he softly replied i married with beautiful girl and a long story about his love story . he told him that he saw that girl in cincinnati and he followed him to his house that was big bunglow with , yard and big white pillars , and he get about him by a hotel man where he was stayed . she was daughter of colonel aleyn . after two days he saw that she walking in the yard after that he went to talk with them and his name is jessi and she knew that he was following him from cincinnati . after that she told him to talk to my father if you like me . in the next morning he told his all story about jennie and about his job and then colonel agreed . after that pescud's destination is came and he told him that he was came coke town for pitunias for his wife .
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O henry was going to pitsburg by chair car train in which ladies are more as compared to jeans suddenly he watch a man with a famous novel " the rose lady and trevelyan " the writter knew that man he was john A. pescud he was travelling sales man in steel glass company . he was not so handsome , bald - headed perason . he went to talk with him and start asking and sharing his health , and other topics . then author asked that are you married and john positively replied that he was married with a beautiful lady jessie . there is a long story on my marriage that he saw a lady in cincinnati and  i followed him like i am not watching to her . the lady's destination is in a big house like a bungalow . he get his information by a hotel man where he booked his room . he was daughter of carnal . after two days he watched that the lady is walking in his garden then he go for talk with him . she told him that  ke know you from cincinnati . and she also told that if you like me talk to my father . in the next morning john get well dressup and went to talk with carnal then he express all his information to the carnal and he also told him he like his daughter and he following him from cincinnati . carnal get proud of him that he tell all things and he ready to accept john . after that he tell to henry that he going to coke town for pitunias for jessie.