Laputa is a flying island described in the book Gullivers Travel by Jonathan swift. with its adamantin base It is about 4.5 miles, which its inhabitants can maneuver in any direction using Magnetic Levitation .Laputa was located above the realm of Balnibarbi, which was ruled by its king from the flying island.In the third book of Gulliver’s Travels, Swift describes Gulliver’s travels in Laputa , a floating island. Gulliver presents the island as a peaceful place where each citizen displays a certain kindness to one another. As the story progresses, Laputa’s true colors begin to show. The history of this alternate world is hinted at in various parts of the movie: Laputa, in ancient times, once dominated the world in a hegemony, presumably of other aerial cities (suggested by a woodcut-like piece in the opening credits or scenes), and may have had a rotor on its bottom and other rotors on its side.