ME: Sir one man had snatched my hand bag.
POLICE :OK.What are the things in that?
ME: one phone,1000 rs cash.
POLICE:Can you say some details about the man
ME: He is wearing red shirt and blue plant.And he gone in yellow bike.
POLICE:  OK.We will investigate.
Woman- (worried) sir, my house is robbed. Do anything sir... Policeman- calm down madam, don't be worried.. Woman-how can u say so? My house is robbed and u are saying to be calm. Policeman-we will find the thief. Firstly tell me what happened. Woman- when I came to my room, I found that somebody had entered my room. All the things were lying here and there. When I checked, my diamond necklace of about 50 lacks was missing. Sir plzz do something... Policeman- of course we will investigate. Its our duty. We will come to ur house to understand the condition more deeply..