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Nowadays in most of the families, old parents are a great trouble for some people, they do not get time to look after their parents. Old men and women are weak and they require attention and care so people sent them to old age homes. There they get proper treatment and a perfect environment for living a peaceful life. But still they miss their loved ones. In old age homes, lot of old granpas and grandmas spent their life. The owners of the old age homes look after them. People leave their parents in old age homes for more care.but one mother and father feel happy with their children. I old age homes they are treated well. There they get medicines in proper time which is not possible in all homes. As I earlier said they get proper environment also.
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In our society old aged people become a trouble.There isn't any value for them. Some people abondon their parents into the road. Others take them to old age homes. Old age home is a good thing.It decreased the abondons.In our family we get love and care . Often there aren't any facilities. But there will be a good atmosphere. Old aged people wanted to stay among their children. But they didn't consider it. In old age homes there are all facilities.But they didn't get love from there.