Inchcape Rock is a poem written by Robert Southey which is based on the series of events that took place around the dangerous rocks of the east coast of Scotland bringing out the theme that " As you sow ,so shall you reap" .
    The poem begins on a calm note, the waves flowing over the inchcape rock without any impact. The Abbot of Aberbrothok had placed a bell on the Inchcape Rocks to warn the sailor about the perilous rocks.When the Ralph sees the bell he feels jealous of the Abbot's popularity and decides to cut the bell.He asks his men to sail him to the bell. He cuts off the rope of the bell and the bell goes down with a gurgling sound.Pleased, the Ralph moves on and after plundering the Ships , was returning to his land. Suudenly the weather seems to detoriate, thick haze covered the sky, a violent storm began to blow.Something was visible to anyone , but the Ralph was sure that the weather would soon improve ,but the Sailor wished they could hear the Inchcape Bell and at last the ship collided with the Inchacpe rock and drowned along with all his sailors.But even in his dying fear , one thing the Ralph could hear.It seemed to be the sound of the gurgling bell, but actually the devil below was ringing his knell.
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Inchcape Rock is a popular poem by Robert Southey about the Inchcape Rock Legend, a reef which is situated in the North Sea, close to the coastal region of Angus in Scotland. The Inchcape Rock is known for its infamy as causation for shipwreck. This poem by Robert Southey revolves around the famous folktale of an Abbot, a monk who placed a bell on the reef to issue warning to seamen and seafarers about the impending danger during storms. According to the folktale, whenever the bell used to ring, the seafarers used to bless the Abbot’s wisdom and thank him for saving them from danger. But a sea robber named Ralph cut down the bell to earn money and treasures from the ships that fatally crashed against the rock. However, a day came when Ralph’s vessel too encounters a storm and crashes against the rock. This is when he hears death bells ringing.
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