The modern man is considered as slave of luxuries .Because day by day the needs of the man is going on is increasing his dreams.the dreams of the man going on increasing on.inventions and discoveries were also is wishing to get profits without working .The works done by man is decreasing.For example,in olden day our people used to carry the clothes to ponds or anything to wash clothes.They washed the clothes using their physical strength.but after inventing washing machine people are even not caring about that.They are keeping clothes in that and setting time and going on to other work.needs are the mother of inventions.Man is wishing to live in a luxurious life without any worries.
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Modern Man is considered a slave of luxuries which constitutes of Science. Science, it was not known to people till the 10th Century. The people used to look at everything as an act of God. But Science has given the real answer to each and everyone and nowadays no one even thinks to know about anything without the auspicious touch of science. Science is now even a poor man's work, for example, a motor used to distribute water evenly to each farmer's fields, similarly the fertilizers which are harmful but still used. Earlier farmers used to put manure to their crops but now they put on fertilizers which are very harmful. Now, by this 21st Century, everything we see around us is an invention of science. Science has even played a major role in shaping the lives of all. Due to science we are able to live lavishly and have a lot of entertainment. It is due to science that we exist on this Earth. Science is the basic need of our daily life. Nowadays it seems that science has bestowed a lot on us but we keep on forgetting that the nature has instilled a lot of facilities. We neglect them and keep on our way with science. So I conclude with the thought that in the future generation there will be everything that will depend on science. We would be so dependable on them that they would almost be into their trap and without anyone of us noticing that.