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I) The rivers of Inland Drainage Basin consists of those in Western Rajasthan which are are few and they disappear within a year due to scanty rainfall. Most of them are of an ephemeral character. They drain towards the individual basins or salt lakes like the Sambhar or are lost in the sands having no outlet to the sea. The Luni is the only rivers of this category that drains into the Rann of Kuchch.

The plateau region represents the ancient shield of the earth's crust. This was formed during pre-cambrian era (before 570 million years from present). The ancient shield was formed out of volcanic eruptions and contains solidified magma. Magama is a rich reserve of many minerals which are of commercial significance today.During the carboniferous era (about 320 million years back) huge tracts of forest regions got submerged under the earth and formed the coal seams/ fuel reserves of today.

The Western Coastal Plains is a thin strip of coastal plain 50 kilometres (31 mi) in width between the west coast of India and the Western Ghats hills, which starts near the south of river TapiThe Northern part of the coast is called the Konkan (Mumbai-Goa), the central stretch is called the Kannad Plain while the southern stretch is referred to as the Malabar Coast. On its northern side there are two gulfs: the gulf of Khambat and the gulf of Kachch.The rivers here end up forming estuaries and therefore it is ideal for pisciculture..
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