Being helpful to others in your home.Saying 'please' and 'thank you'.Sharing and not grabbing and keeping good things to yourself.Respecting other people's property and their rooms.Helping the family by doing your chores.Cleaning up after yourself.Respect other peopleBe polite to others.Don't use bad language in public - it is offensive to others.Let an older person have your seat on buses, trains and trams if there is nowhere for them to sit.Queue up quietly and don't push.Put your rubbish into bins, don't leave it for someone else to clean up.Have fun but don't be so loud that you attract the wrong kind of attention.Respect property.Don't make fun of anyone - everyone has feelings.Don't run in shopping centres or where there are other people.
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GOOD MANNERS R OF MANY TYPES SOME OF THEM R                                                          HELPING OTHERS WHEN THEY R IN TROUBLE                                                SAYING THANK WHEN ANY PERSON HELPS THEM                                          IF THEY MAKE ANY MISTAKES THEY SHOULD ACCEPT THAT THEY R WRONG N OTHERS R RIGHT              N SHOULD SAY SORRY                              NEVER SHOULD SAY LIE 2 ANYONE ETC..........
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