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1.Racial Conflict The division of the world along racial lines presents a major threat to peace during the coming decade. 2. Charles receives parliamentary commissioners led by the Earl of Holland, who for the final time ask him to return in peace to London. 3. Armistice Day is abridged from an article in Peace News, 7 November 1936. 4. Their raids became either a disturbance of the national peace, or worse still, aggression against another state. 5. To rise a for peace of six years anita. 6. For peace of gets the best farmer child-care provide not appropriately classify. 7. The growing employment of the second understanding of the term peace is not simply coincidental with the development of the peace process. 8. Specifically, it was felt that greater complementarity might be achieved through the establishment of a Peace keeping Training Center. 9. Active in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, he sold Peace News on a street corner in Aberdeen. 10. he spoke as someone who had been jailed for her peace activism and who faced a life ban on visiting the US.