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     The Canterville Ghost story is around a countryside  house in England (long time ago).  That is an interesting and quite a dramatic ghost story about a haunted house.  He describes the house very well in that.  He blended comedy in to the story very well.

    Mr Otis and his family (his wife, daughter Virginia, son Washington) are Americans from New York. They just shift  to the house named "canterville Chase", even after being warned of it being haunted.   They did not believe in ghosts.   They hear a lot of sounds, see blood on the floor many times etc. They started believing in ghosts, but they still were not afraid of them.   The name of the ghost was Sir Simon de Canterville.

    The ghost becomes humiliated and feels terrible, as he could not make the family frightened.  The family talks of detergents and stain removers when they see mysterious red marks (resembling blood) on the floor.  The various desparate attempts of Sir Simon and the funny responses of the family are narrated with a lot of humour.   Sir Simon changes forms and assumes many roles  like: strangled girl, blood-suc ker, skeleton and corpse snatcher, headless person etc.   Instead of frightening the family, he himself gets beaten every time.  He falls over tripwires, slips on butter, takes on his head bucketfuls of water.  He even gets shocked by seeing a ghost  (created by Otis twins).

      Sir Simon comes close and feels good with young Virginia in her teens.  He tells her the story of his wife.  She is serious and beliving and not mischievous like other members of the family.   She listens to him sympathetically.   He requests her to pray for him and weep for him, as he is unable to do those (because ghosts cannot weep or pray).   He requests her  to accompany him to the God of Death to show mercy on him.   She does so.  Then he is relieved of his ghost state and goes to another world.  She returns to the house later in the night.   The house is free of the ghost.

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