Well there's a subject, verb and object (SVO)

Take this sentence:

He kicked the ball.

"He" is the subject, performing the action.
"Kicked" is the verb, the action.
"The ball" is the object, which the action is performed on.

Take another example:

Richard is awesome.

"Richard" is the subject doing the verb of being something.
"Is" is the verb of being something
"Awesome" is the object that Richard is being

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If you notice, English has an SVO pattern. Hindi, and 45% of languages have an SOV pattern: "He ball kicked (Wo ball kick kiya)."
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Framing sentences is easy
she is dancing

- 'she'is the subject ( the one who is doing the the action)
- ís' is the helping verb
- 'dancing'is the ver ( the action that is being done )

while framing sentences you should be aware of verb.tenses,prepositions , adverbs, conjuction etc.
some preositions-
of, from, about, with, on ,by, between, among, than , beside etc.
some conjuctions-
and , well , not only, but , still , either, neither, otherwise , till ,  since ,though etc.
some verbs-
dancing, sleeping,playing,kicking etc.

remember- the words answer
answer is is not followed by a preposition
eg- can you answer this question?
     - have you answered her letter.?
 columbus dicovered america.
-columbus is the subect ( the one doing the action
- dicovered is the verb
- america is the noun

hope you like it.!!!

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