1. it is the site of production and maturation of the male gamete(sperm).
2 . It is also the site of the male sex hormone testosterone which plays an important role in puberty in males
1. Ovary is the site of maturation of the primordial follicle to the graffian follicle.
2. corpus luteum present in the ovary acts as an endocrine gland by releasing progesterone which thickens endometrium readying it for implantation. 

The functions of testis

1] they produce male gametes called  spermatozoa by the process of spermatogenesis

2] the leydig cells of the seminiferous tubules secrete the male sex hormone called testosterone. testosterone aids the development of secondary sex characteristics in males

Functions of ovary

1] They produce female gametes called ova by the process of oogenesis

2] the growing graffian follicles secrete the female sex hormone called estrogen aids the development of secondary sex characteristics in females