Polyester is a polymer which contains the ester functional group. whereas polyacrylate is a polymer of acrylate.
Polyester is a synthetic fibre, derived from coal, air, water and petroleum.
Terylene is a popular form of polyester., PET, or poly-ethylene terephthalate, is another form of polyester, which is used to make bottles, films and wires.
Polyester is also used for making hoses, ropes, nets, thread, raincoats, fleece jackets, clothing and medical textiles. 
Fabric made from acrylic is warm to wear, retains its shape and is durable.
Acrylic is easy to wash and dries quickly.
Acrylic is used in apparel like sweaters and socks, and in home furnishings such as furniture, carpets, blankets and upholstery fabrics.  
Industrial uses of acrylic include craft yarns, awnings, boat and vehicle covers, and luggage.
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