Sunshine smoothie 1 and one thirds cups of banana 1 and half cup yogurt ,1 cup strawberries ,3 forths cup orange juice place the ingredients in blender and blend until smoothie. Question 1 will this recipe make enough for Lucy and 3 friends to each have at least 1 cup of smoothie? Explain. Question 2 how much smoothie remains after Lucy gives each of her friends 3 forths cup of smoothie. Show your work.




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1 +1/3 of banana = 4/3 cups of banana
1+1/2  cups of yogurt = 3/2 cups
1 cup of strawberries
3/4 of cup of orange juice
   total = 4/3 + 3/2 + 1 + 3/4  = 

There are totally 4 cups plus more of the recipe.  So it will be enough for 4 of them to have at least 1 cup each. of the smoothie.


three friends are given 3/4th each  =>  3 * 3/4 = 9/4th is given to her friends.
remaining smoothie:
\frac{55}{12}-\frac{9}{4}\\\\=\frac{55-9*3}{12}=\frac{28}{12}=\frac{7}{3}=2\frac{1}{3}th\ of\ smoothie

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