I have project on writing a program on employee salary slip using java programinng

plzzzzzzzz ans it soon i need to submit it on friday

Making a string, array, or if else statement won't be useful. You'll need more better environment setup In ur computer and add some extra softwares provided by oracle. Best is use visual c++ you can make an interactive gui of ur software. It'll be heavy. But for java u'll need to add graphics and all. I specialise in android development but java and java used in android varies..........


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U knw arrys if u knw thn entr values first by scnnnr or buffr clss.and by using if else loope.u cn do it
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i hpe u wll undrstnd my pro
okkkk but i too have my exams it starts from 2 march
hmm bt myne on frdyyyyyy
okkk thanks for this :)))
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Use elif loop 
or create a list
so that user enters name and you decide what sAlary to give
like if name==xyz"
print this