There are two types of magnets permanent and temporary... The permanenet magnets have a charge in them... The temporary magenta are made by passing current through a soft iron piece
In order to create a magnet, you’ve actually got to put some energy in.  Certainly, a permanent magnet. You've got to rotate all the low atomic magnets inside the piece of metal, piece of iron and rotate them all up and line them all up so their magnetic fields all add together.  And that takes some energy and a magnet does have some energy.  But for that to keep on going doesn’t require any energy.  It’s a bit like saying, “Why does the earth keep attracting us forever?”  They're just forces which exist forever.  The actual magnetism in a piece of iron or in a permanent magnet is actually caused essentially by electrons orbiting in one direction more than the other, and the electrons are going to keep on orbiting, as far as we know, for billions of years, as far as we know forever, unless something interrupts them.  So the little atomic magnet is going to carry on forever.  There’s no reason why the magnet shouldn’t carry on.Chris -   It’s basically not burning off any energy to make the field and it’s something interacting with the field that actually makes an effect rather than the other way around.