Bear. I am a school bag. Let me tell you about my past. Early one morning, I found myself hanging in a bag shop. Suddenly, a young girl, about eight years old, walked into the shop. Her name is Michelle. She told her mother that she needed a new school bag because her previousbag had given way Autobiography of a Violet School Bag I was born in a jungle as cotton, white, formless, spread widely across many plants, with no specific purpose, but a world full of possibilities. Then I went through a grind (cut & stitched) in the factory, picked up specific form (a bag), a specific color (violet).. Reducing School Violence, Bullying, and Misbehavior Yes, I can support the position that creating small, intimate learning communities within a large school might be a way to reduceschool violence. Small, intimate settings within a large school could help build friendships, allow for personal.......