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Nikhil: So what are the plans for this weekend ?
Adil: I don't have any. Do you want to get together or something ?
Nikhil: How about Going see the movie ?
Adil: It's fine with me. but where to meet ?
Nikhil: I will take you from your house. ok ?
Adil: that is ok, but what about maths homework ?
Nikhil: We have got lot of time after movie, In that time we can do it.
Adil: Ok then lets enjoy on weekend.
Nikhil: Yeah we will a lot of fun together.
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There two friends - nehal and lavanya

nehal- how are u labu?
lavanya- me fine and u?
nehal i- am also fine
lavanya - do u know about  the delhi elections?
well from ur opinion who will win?? aap or bjp
nehal- no idea, who will win
lavanya - i think aap should win yaar!!!
nehal- me too.....
the school bell rings...............

nehal-bye bye
lavanya- bye