You are helping a friend prepare for the next skate board exhibition. Your friend who weight 60 kg will take a running start and then jump with a speed of 1.5 m/s onto a heavy duty 5 kg stationary skateboard. Your friend and the skateboard will then glide together in a straight line along a short, level section of track, then up a sloped concrete incline plane. Your friend wants to reach a minimum height of 3 m above the starting level before he comes to rest and start to come back down the slope. Knowing that you have taken physics, your friend wants you determine if the plan can be carried out or whether he will stop before reaching a 3 m height. Do not ignore the mass of the skateboard.



No it is impossible for him. Because his weight and his skate board weights 65 kg.
His speed is reduced by his and his skate board weight. It is possible if he had increased his speed.