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i am a very chatty girl and really bad at keeping secret's .once regarding the issue of my leave application i went to the principal's office but came to knw that he was not in the office so i was asked to wait in his office. while i was lokking around i got the sight of a paper which had some mathematical expressions for my delight it was  of a copy of mathematics question paper which i will be ansewring the next week in semi finals i got exited and at the same time felt nervous. maths was my difficult subject ! but at thre same time my conscience was telling me to not look at it,but the thought that i am weak in maths compelled me to take the paper and have a look through it.sweat rolled through my face and i could hear the thumping of my heart ,i placed my application on the principals table and left the room.i couldn't resist my self in disclosing this to my friend who got raged with ego and complained to the teacher i got into trouble
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