Sakhi decided to starts asports club. one of the condition for membership was that every member was to recruit 3 members every month. inthe beginning of the first month. sakhi was the only member. she managed to get 3 members before the end of the first month. if all of them obey this rule and recruit new members,how many members will be there at the end of 5th month?



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There will be 1024 members.
In the first month,total no. of members=4
In the 2nd month,total no. of members=(4x3)+4=16
In the 3rd month,total no. of members=(16x3)+16=64
In the 4th month,total no. of members=(64x3)+64=256
In the 5th month,total no. of members=(256x3)+256=1024
2 3 2

In the first month no. of member=1
In the second month no. of members=1x3+1=4
In the third month no. of members=4x3+4=16
In the fourth month no. of members=16x3+16=64
In the 5th month no. of members=64x3+64=256

At the end of 5th month no of members is 256
They asked to find theTotal no till fifth month
But i think that they wanted to know the members till the end of the fifth month.If there were four members at the end of the 1st month,there will be 1024 at the end of the last month.I request you to calculate again.