An object dropped from a certain height and takes 2 seconds to reach the ground. find the ratio of the distances covered by the body in the last 1/2 second and the last but one 1/2 second. (take g = 10 m/s)
plzzzzzzzz answer

1. 5:7 2. 7:5 3.3:5 4: 5:3
your question is not clear


This is free fall
time taken by object to reach ground is 2 s
so distance covered is 1/2gt^2=1/2(10)(2)^2=20 m
so distance covered in 3/2 s is 1/2g(3/2)^2=5(9)/4=45/4
so distance covered in last 1/2 second=Total distance covered-distance covered in 3/2=20-45/4=20-11.25=8.75 m
distance covered in 1/2 s is 1/2g(1/2)^2=5/4=5/4 m
 distance covered in last 3/2 second=Total distance covered-distance covered in 1/2
their ratio is 8.75/18.75=23/60