A, B and C are three different places. Cost of a ticket for going from A to B is Rs. x, and that of from B to C is Rs. y. A man pays Rs. 1100 for 2 tickets from A to B and 3 tickets from B to C. Write the given data in form of a linear equation in two variables

we can't solve this.need one more data about this
no not at all


A to b=x
b to c=y
two  tickets for a to b=2x
three tickets for b to c=3y

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 a to b costs  x rupees
b to c costs    y rupees
two tickets from a to b costs  2x rupees
 three tickets from b to c costs 3y rupees
2x+3y= 1100
or 3y =1100-2x
or 3y= 2(550-x)

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