Try answering this now .. (give reason)
1) There r 4 days which stars with the letter "T"
2 of them r Tuesday n Thursday..
can u name rest 2?

2) What came first? egg or chicken?

3) The man who invented it doesn't want it,
the man who bought it doesn't need it
the man who need it doesn't know it.. what is it?



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Rest of the days are today and tomorrow

2) egg   as  two non chicken birds gives an egg...which is a chicken
3) is coffin
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ur first answer is correct but i dont understand ur second question..can u repeat it once again
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ur second answer is not that accurate so the real answer is that eggs came first because it existed during dinosaur time whereas chickens were not there at all
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1)today and tomorrow 2) the chicken...... An inferior animal evolved into a chicken, then another, and thus they started populating the earth with many more chickens...this is true for all animals.....they came into thus world before their product... 3) I really don't it yeast?...or any other kind of microorganism.....bacteria?...??
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1st answer is correct, 2nd answer i've written in the comments above u to(Parth08041998) n the 3rd answer is "COFFIN"