an acid is a substance which gives hydrogen ions as the only cations when dissolved in water.acids turns blue litmus to red,methyl orange to pink and phenolpthalein to colourless.they are sour in taste.

any substance which gives hydroxyl ions(OH-) on dissolving in water or reacts with acids to form a salt and water or neutralises an acid is called a base.they turn red litmus to blue,turmeric to brown and phenolpthalein to pink.they are bitter in taste.


substances which contain acids are called acidic substances

acids are corrosive in nature , sour to taste , some acids are soluble in water

substances which contain bases are called basic substances

bases are slippery to touch , bitter to taste some bases are soluble in water

acid .eg- hydrochloric acid ,nitric acid etc . bases eg- sodium hydroxide ,magnesium hydroxide etc