Our speaker is in the woods, but (gasp) he's trespassing. He first wonders who owns these woods. In the same breath, he tells us that he thinks he does know who owns them. The lucky landowner lives in a house in the village. Phew. So, our speaker won't get into trouble for trespassing, because there's no one to catch him trespassing. 

Surprise! Our speaker has a horse (neigh), and this horse is little. Our speaker psycho-analyzes his little horse and supposes that said little horse must think it's pretty strange for them to be stopping in the middle of nowhere, with no one in sight, with not even a farmhouse close by, and absolutely no sign of hay. Newsflash: the speaker and his little horse are chilling (pun intended) between the woods and a frozen lake. Ice skating? Nope. Also, it happens to be the darkest evening of the year.

Little Horse is starting to really lose it. Fortunately, he has some harness bells on his back, and he gives them a little shake in order to get his master's attention. The only other sounds are of a slight wind and of falling snow. Shhhhhh. It's quiet. 

Our speaker admits to having a hankering for the dark woods, but he tells us he's got things to do, people to see and places to go. He's got a long way to go before he can rest his head on his little pillow, so he had better get going.
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The poet one evening stops his horse driven carriage along the country road in order to see the snowfall falling on woods.further, he says that he know the owner of the woods who lives away in the village and he will not mind me watching snowfall falling on his woods.then,the poet further imagines that his horse might feel strange to stop suddenly between the woods and the frozen lake. where their is no farmhouse and in this darkest and longest evening of the year.he then .imagines that his horse is shaking his harness bells in order to confirm that whether their is good in stopping here in the lonely place where their is no farmhouse.then,the poet says that beside the sound of harness bells the only sound  could be heard was that of wind.the poet then says since,the woods appears to be attractive, lovely,dark . but ,he had no time because he had lot of promises to keep and miles to travel before he goes to permanent rest.symbolically,duty before desire is shown..
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