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Artistic freedom:- this is the most important them of the story'the princess September'.the author says that real artistic work can be done only in the  state of the perfect nightangle is free bird that flies over the lakes, trees, the greens.he thus sings very beautifully.but when, the princess September restricts the freedom of this singing bird,then become very sad.they is not able to sing properly and stop eating anything.soon he becomes very weak and one morning,the princess find her little bird motionless lying at the top of the cage. the princess become very worried.and she take the bird out of the cage.and after sometime the bird speak to her that he cant sings unless he is free and if he can't sing he will die. from that day the princess granted him freedom and opens her room window everyday for the bird and know the bird used to come in her room and used to sing a beautiful songs for her.
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