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Here are all the frage pronomen-
wie- how / what
wie viele- how many
wie viel- how much
welche- which
wie alt- how old
wie oft- how often
wie lange- how long
woher- from where
wie spat - what time ( on a of spat there will be a umlaute  )
wen- whom
wer- who
um wievel uhr ( exception)- at what time

for more help i am giving you  sentences
-wohin gehst du?
 was isst du in der pause?
warum trinkst du keine cola?
wie heibt du?
wann hast du deutsch?
welcha sprache l;earnst du?

hope like it !!!!!!!!

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it is just a correction for a few phrases which i am going to give:
in ''wie heibt du'', heibt should be heisst (ss to be replaced by the special doubble s letter in german)
in ''welcha sprache l;earnst du'', it should be ''welche sprache lernst du?''
um wievel uhr should be um wie viel uhr.
the double s letter looks somewhat like a b with one more curve on top