The admission fee for an exhibition is Rs9 for adults and Rs 4 for children below 12years of age. Raghav with his father, mother and younger sisters of age 10and 6 and his twin brother of 14 years went for the exhibition. How much did they pay as admission charge?

did not mntion
but to calculate the charge we need raghav's age
answer is rs 44 we dont know steps
yup right...raghav's age will be 14 bcoz its given that his twin brother's age is 14
pls give steps



Here are the steps:
Number of adults=4(Mother,Father,Raghav and his twin brother)

Number of children under 12 years of age=2(his two sisters)


total charge=(9*4)+(4*2)



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Since father and mother are adults'
fee for father and mother = 2×9 = Rs. 18

raghav and his brother are both 14 years old. They are more than 12. So
fee for raghav and his brother = 2×9 = Rs. 18

Both his sisters are less than 12,
fee for his sisters = 2×4 = Rs. 8

Total charge = 18+18+8 = Rs.44
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It has mentioned that for adults it cost Rs.9. So for raghav's father and mother's admission fee is 2*9= Rs.18 .
Then for raghav and his twin brother it cost 2*9= Rs 18.
Then for raghavs sister since they are less than 12 it costs 4*2=8.
Then for raghavs sister since they are less than 12 it costs 4*2=8
Then totlly it costs18+18+8=44