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- First we should open a school for learning of students because if they learn well development happens automatically.

- With the help of government we should make road which connects from city.

- A clean and full water supply for villagers which helps them for agriculture.

- To make a government hospital for ill persons.

- To make people litrate because if they have the knowledge of there rights they were able to take it from government.  

- A good transport system providing by the government for the villagers.

- A railway connection from village to city.
First we should open schools for the uneducated which provides education at free of cost.
We should try to improve the agricultural equipments and introduce new machines for agricultural purposes.
We should c that all the unemployed people are provided with job.
Maintenance and proper sanitation facilities should be provided.
Health care facilities should be provided with low cost or free of cost.
Electricity should be supplied in suffiecient amounts.