You are Neelima. Recently.Recently you have developed an interest in cookery.You keep trying various recipes. In a letter to your friend narrate the experience of how you tried a new recipie which turned out to be a mess.Describe humorously hoe the dish was spoilt.(250 word)



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dear friend,
                how r u?how r ur studies going on?here iam preparing well for annual exams.i have recently developed my intrest in cooking my mom never allowme to cook .
        so i try many recipies when my parents r day i was working on a pastrey..i ve got all the ingredients i have kept them a side and trying to prepare the batter mean while i ve got into my mind that iam missing my favourite serial then i went near tv switched it on and prepared the batter and kept it into the oven  after  some time the cake was readymean while my mom came home for some urgent work . i became a lil nervous onthe other side i want 2 show my mom that i can prepare the dishes well .when my momz searching for papers i went 2 mom and gave that piece of pastrey  mom tasted and told that it hasnot baked properly bake it again.... i went and kept it in oven again......mean while some body was at the door  i went to open the door it was my cousin we both went 2 my room and kept on talking mean while my sis came 2 me and said i think there is some thing in the oven there is dirty smell spread all over the kitchen i was worried i forgot the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! momz also there go fast she said ...i was worried i thought  my mom will scold me  but she didnt when aout i went there mom took that out and throwed it in dust bin i was like in color but my mom didnt scold me she said this is the reason in never let u into kitchen  i felt bad.....say me if u had any experiences like this
         convey my regards 2 ur parents
                                                                                       urs lovingly ,
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