Que1 Write the formula used to determine the maximum number of electrons
which a shell in an atom can accommodate and
que2 List two criteria of measuring the biodiversity of an area.
que3 Write chemical equations to describe two examples of different oxidations
of ethanol. and why oxygen is bigger than mg



1. the formula used to determine the maximum number of electrons 2n^{2} [/tex] where n stands for number of shell.
2.Basic criteria to be followed to measure biodiversity are .

*Total number of entities including the number of individuals, the number of species and the number of different habitats are taken into consideration.
*The dissimilarities between the entities are also taken into consideration.
*Indicator species are also used to measure biodiversity
3.ethonol gets oxidised to ethanal with cromic anhydride dissolve in ethanolic acid
Ethonol gets oxidised to ethanolic acid with pottasium permagnate
Mg2+ and O2- ions are isoelectronic. However, magnesium has a greater number of protons than oxygen, and hence greater effective nuclear charge and larger force of attraction with the valence electrons

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