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My views are that the govt. has taken an action upon the cases of water supplies ,electricity ,road construction etc.
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Cleanliness and healthy living no doubt increases the living conditions of people , and reduce medical costs. This helps to save money to get education or have a good residence which would in turn help to secure good job opportunities and good living. Cleanliness will definitely take a nation forward towards progress. We can encourage cleanliness in the locality through various programs like 
creating awareness about cleanliness and the importance of practicing it by 
presentations, organizing cleanliness drives involving the residents, having slideshows, distributing pamphlets to read about the topic, warn them of the harms of leading an unhealthy life, and how cleanliness will benefit them and the country. Medical checkups can be organized in the locality and doctors can also be involved in advising about healthy living. Incentives like work, scholarship for underprivileged,etc to improve their lives can also be given. The important point is to make them understand how healthy living could lead to a good future and offer them the way to do it.
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