Cleanliness was very dear to Mahatma Gandhi and he had a dream of Clean India. He himself inspired thousands of volunteers through leading by example and swept the streets. The Honorable Prime Minister of India has given a call for "Swacchha Bharat", to realise Gandhi ji's dream of a Clean India by the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in 2019. We can support this drive of the Government of India through our module of shramdaan at places of heritage significance and organise cleanliness drives, talks on cleanliness, awareness camps, etc. SPIC MACAY would be supporting this drive of Govt. of India through Clean India, Series of Shramdaan, talks, screening of 'The Making of Mahatma' and many more actvities. This series would be conducted between 2nd October 2014 to 30th January 2015. All the Chapters, Sub Chapters are joining to organise as many activities possible and support us in making it a great success.
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I    Swachch Bhaarat is a five-year campaign of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on 2nd October, 2014.  Mr. Modi himself had cleaned a road in Delhi to initiate the campaign in style.  Modi talked of its importance in many speeches.  Gandhiji wished that Indians learn hygiene and practice it.  So Modi started it to realize Gandhiji's dream.

Technical details:
    The mission is already a few months old.  Every Sunday many people and celebrities are spending some time to clear the towns and cities in their neighbourhoods.   Swachch Bharat mission will take up 4,000 towns for 5 years spending Rs 62,000 crore.     Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan mission works in the rural areas for Drinking Water and Sanitation.   They will make many household toilets and public toilets.  They will manage the municipal waste too.

   We commit to "we don't pollute or litter, nor we will allow anyone to litter".   It is just 2 hours a week for each person.  For making India clean, garbage bins are being donated for putting them at every street corner.

Schools and children:
   Schools too are taking part in this.  Government of India issued orders to various Boards of education. Then the boards have advised to schools also.  Toilets will be built in about 25,000 schools. Schools need to keep their campuses clean and not litter around.
    Children will become used to working with clean environment,  They are also educated regarding the various aspects of health, and impacts of dirt and garbage on health.  Many competitions on the program, like painting, debate, slogan writing, and essay writing are being conducted.  So awareness is growing.

Progress and publicity
     Every Sunday we have the media showing a lot of video clips and news on the subject of swachch Bharat. The target for the completion of mission is the year 2019.  Many more celebrities are being invited by he prime minister for the publicity of this program.    The TV, newspapers and radio are already spreading it.  Many celebrities are officially selected as brand ambassadors.

    A lot money is allocated in the new budget of 2015 for this program.  Tax concessions are also given.  

    We just have to keep our tables, rooms, houses, schools and surroundings clean.  If possible, we participate in the programs organized nearby.  That is all and Swach Bharat succeeds.  We follow it and tell others to follow it.

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