Swachh bharat 

it is the mission addopted by our prime minister narendhra modi .
it was launched on october 2nd 2014 , why because it is the idea of mahatma gandi , actually he started this program in the 19 century . but no one continued that so that , pm had implemented that . it is a very good and essential program to us . on 2nd october our PM had told  that every one should participate in this and have to spend 2 hrs per a week . then we can keep our MOTHER INDIA clean and green .we have make a grand success. we have to spread awareness to all the citizens of our country about this mission . if we keep our surroundings clean we can maintain good health . if our surroundings are clean we can save nearly 5000 per month , how means- there is no need of going to hospitals to cure our diseases ,if we are living in good conditions ( with out dust and all ), in good environment , we won't get diseases that easily. if our health is good then it will be lead to more
 wealth so, "health is wealth "

if we keep our surroundings clean then we can gain a lot .  we have to be devoleped country not devoloping country .      mind it guys we have to make our country had devolped
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Swacch Bharat:
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was a campaign launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This campaign was launched to keep India clean from every sector. The campaign was started on 2nd October, 2014. This campaign was launched so that we have a clean India,i.e., clean hospitals, schools,streets,societies,etc. Narendra Modi declared this campaign when he was to take the oath of being the Prime Minister. He even made all of the Indians swear that India will be clean till 2nd October,2014.However the campaign may not be a success as co-ordination was the key which it really lacks.
Clean India: 
India is a country of various heritages. No other country is like India. The people of India are proud of their country. However, if we do not clean our country then there will be no pride left. People litter everywhere, they spit on the road and create a dusty appearance by throwing objects out of windows. They have dustbins but they do not prefer to use it. So it must be the joint responsibility of all to co-operate and co-ordinate if they want to keep their country clean.
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The PM led a cleanliness pledge at India Gate, which 30 lakh government employees across the country joined. He also flagged off a walkathon at Rajpath and surprised people by joining in not just for a token few steps, but marching with the participants till the residence of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, nearly 800 metres away.
In his address, Mr Modi said the campaign was the best tribute to Mahatma Gandhi who "gave us the message 'Quit India, Clean India'."
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