A monkey climbs a 15ft pole to reach the banana tied at the top of the pole, if the monkey climbs at a rate of 3ft/s and slips 2ft over the next secound, find how much time will it takes for the monkey to reach the banana?

Please give the details explanation of how the speed is 1/4ft per sec
its wrong speed


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Length of pole = 15ft

monkey climbs 3ft in 1 second and slips 2ft in next second.
So it climbs = 3ft - 2ft = 1ft in 2 second

When it climbs the last 3ft, it will reach the top and won't slip back.
So it will climb the last 3 ft in 1 second.

The rest height = 15 - 3 = 12ft
since it climbs 1ft in 2 seconds, it will climb 12ft in = 12×2 = 24 seconds

So total time = 24 + 1 = 25 seconds.
Thus the monkey will climb the pole in 25 seconds.

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