My father is affectionate and dutiful. He brings for me and my sister beautiful toys, games, picture books, clothes, shoes and stationery. On holidays, sometimes he takes the family for a picnic or sight seeing. During the vacations, he takes us to some hill station or seaside for rest or recreation.My father is a kind-hearted person. He is the member of the topmost club in our town. During any natural calamities in the country, he raises funds along with others for relief for the distressed. He renders various kinds of social services during his leisure hours.

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it's a very loving and enjoyable letter
My father is my first hero . he do anything for me . he gives me all what ever i want . he does  lot  for  me . he is the most loveable person to me . and he loves me a lot. i love him very much . he always keep me in right way . he does good things and i will follow him. he will help the people who are in need.
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