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Ovary is the female reproduction organ.
It produces Ova or Ovum.
The process in which ovary produce ova is termed as Oogenesis.
The process starts in germinal epithelium i.e the surface of ovary which develops and gives rise to 
ovarian follicles.
The ova takes its place in the Uterus.
When the egg(ova) in the uterus is fertilized it gives rise to embryo.
If not it is broken into small particles and mixes into the blood stream and comes out with regular interval.

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Primary follicle present in the overy ; it grow up in the influence of estrogen hormone form secondary follicle . It in mid of menstrual cycle due to luteinizing hormone it burst and form ova k/a oogenesis. It goes to fellopian tube through fimbri for firtilization.