In the story selected for our summary writing ‘My Lost Dollar’iv Stephen Leacock/narrator lends a dollar to his friend Todd. Ironically, the money lent to Todd, and that which would cause such heartache for Leacock, could not have been given on any better occasion. Todd is given the dollar to pay his taxi fare while embarking on a journey to Bermuda, a favourite holiday destination. Thus it is obviously a moment of pleasure for the borrower Todd whereas a painful beginning for the lender Leacock. Leacock, in the hope of realizing the debt from his dear friend makes a mention of it whenever he has conversations with Todd. Finally, he gives up the hope of getting it repaid realising that it is futile to try and get back the dollar.Leacock in his opinion states, “The best definition of humour I know is: humour may be defined as the kindly contemplation of the incongruities of life, and the artistic expression thereof. I think this is the best I know because I wrote it myself”v. The story of the lost dollar begins with the honest realization of Leacock of one such incongruity of life, of lending money to your near and dear ones:My friend Todd owes me a dollar. He has owed it to me for twelve months, and I fear there is little prospect of his ever returning it. I can realize whenever I meet him that he has forgotten that he owes me a dollar. He meets me in the same frank friendly way as always. My dollar has clean gone out of his mind. I see that I shall never get it back.As a switch from the animosity that the practice of borrowing and lending can create between two individuals, even friends for that matter, Leacock tries to downplay the tension by reducing the amount lent to a meager or let us say a frugal one dollar. Not wanting to make a major issue out of a trivial thing Leacock employs the tool of laughter.Charles Lamb in his essay titled ‘The Two Races of Men’ tells us how the entire human In the story selected for our study ‘My Lost Dollar’....................
                                the story"MY LOST DOLLAR"mainly signifies with normal human tendency of forgetfullness.the author stephen leacock had given very  keen details about the incident. 
                               first i 'll say about the was 8th april TODD was about to go to   hamilton.when he drove to the station in taxi he had no change. so, he asked his friend stephen one dollar inchange . even stephen gave it in a very friedly manner and asked whether a dollar is enough for him.this incident had happened quiet simply and naturally because stephen belived he may return the money back.after todd reached hamilton he sent a note to stephen about weather conditions in the place he stay.when note was recieved by laecock he expected the dollar from todd.after three days todd returned from hamilton .stephen went to recieve toddbecause the author thought todd may feel happy  when his frnd is waiting for him. after recieving todd ,stephen asked let they take up a taxi.
todd was speaking about his trip. stephen many times indirectly  tried to remind todd about the dollar which he owe from him. now ,i'llsay  about how stephen reminded todd  indirectly about the dollar.first,stephen asked whether hamilton's currency is par with american currency.and the author could not make any reference.usually the author and his frnds used to meet at his club .during this time stephen asked todd about the cost of his trip to hamilton  and he added one more question whether he is setteled or not.for these question todd said he don't keep any accounts , and he had totally forget about his trip. here stephen had lost all his hopes .even though he had don't have a bad feeling towards  todd's behaviour. then he says about the talk he had two days .in that he says 
unconsiousness of todd's behaviour. next he says about his fault of  forgetfulness and  he says he wants to start  a"BACK TO HONETY MOVEMENT"
            finally the author asks the reader not to leave carelessly as it should not get into the hands of MAJOR TODD ,UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL..

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