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I like this poem because it gives a general sense of life. When we arrive at a certain point where we have to make a major decision, what would we do? Do we take the popular path? Or do we break away from the norm and venture out into our own dreams? Robert Frost has certainly shown here that he chose to pursue his dreams, and I suppose he has made a good choice and has excelled in his field of work. In today's society many things are based on money and wealth; Robert Frost, being a poet, certainly does not make much money, and yet he does not regret his choice.
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It's actually when there is a poet who is lying on his bed when he comes to know that it is raining when he feels the humid climate and its dark clouds. he feels that when there was no rain the environment was very quite but when the rain started it is not the roof is made up of tin so when the rain falls on it , it makes beautiful sounds which the poet likes. as he is lying and listening to the sounds it makes the sound echo in his heart.he then comes to see many memories such as of his mother
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