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There is a great diversity of living beings.The difference between living being and non-living being was perceived by early human beings.This led to the recognition of sharing similarities among organisms.Nomenclature,identification began later.This can be recognised that all organisms are related to each other and also to those who ever lived on this earth.
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There is a great diversity among living organisms found on the planet earth. They differ in their structure, habit, habitat, mode of nutrition, and physiology. The Biodiversity of the earth is enormous. Current estimates suggest that the earth may have anywhere from 10 to over 40 million species of organisms, but only about 1.7 million have actually been described including over 7,50,000 insects, about 2,50,000 flowering plants and 47,000 vertebrate animals. We call such a diversity among living organisms as Biodiversity

The term biosphere’ had been coined to highlight the interde- pendence of living and non-living world. It represents a stable environment of various physical and biological factors which have been operating since the past. The organic continuity of the system rests on a delicate network of inter- dependent relationships. The air, the water, the animals, the plants, the mi- crobes and human beings are all interlinked in a life sustaining system, called the environment.

we are all inter dependent for survival. Even if one organism at any level of the food chain goes missing, then the entire ecosystem will be affected. Biodiversity adds life and colour to the earth. But more importantly it is necessary for the survival of all living beings.