Let the total no. of books be x
on monday: 52
on tues:  \frac{1}{6}X(x-52)
ATQ,half of the book is still left , so
52+ \frac{(x-52)}{6} = \frac{1}{2}x \\  \frac{(312+x-52)}{6} =\frac{1}{2}x \\260+x=3x \\ 2x=260 \\ x=130

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Let total number of pages be x Pages read by her on 1 day = 52 Pages left=x-52 She read 1/6 the next day Pages read by her =1/6(x-52) Since half the book is left so she read only x/2 book Therefore x/2=1/6(x-52)+52 x/2=x/6-26/3+52 x/2-x/6=-26/3+52 x/3=130/3 x=130/3*3 x=130 Total Pages in book are 130
let total page=x
let total=x