cricket invented in england in about 1672 , played by bat and ball but bat was curved from bottom like hockey stick then peoples developed as a source of physical training and makes us fresh and healthy . in past cricket was played with 162 grams ball , ball thrown under arm , no limits for the size of bat , no boundaries  . after that MCC (melbourne cricket club )founded in 1787 and MCC and after few years MCC change the method of playing and make many laws to play cricket like :-          - circumference of ball was specified .
          - boundaries introduced 
          - protection equipments are introduced 
          - over arm bowling became legal
         -  new type of bat ( curve bat replaced to straight ) introduced of willow 
          -  LBW introduced .
   thats all    MCC became the guardian of cricket . after that karry packer an australian media tycoon felt that cricket is not an free time game . cricket is a way to earn money  . he turn cricket into commercial viable game . he televised cricket and generated lots of money and he introduced world series . now at present cricket brought us small town and ICC founded he published revision of law like One day series are play for 50 overs , 20 over games are introduced more people are become mad on cricket . new cricket league are introduced  .

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